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How Far Can You Go?


We, Rice, are proud to present our newest game, a hardcore platformer that will push your skills to the limit. You are a 2D square named Squarey, and have decided to trek to different parts of the 2 dimensional world. He will ask you to guide him to the door that leads to the next location, and you need to make sure he gets to the door without falling to his death or running into blocks of heated lava! Metal poles of immense weight are also dropping and rising out of nowhere, and various obstacles and platforms stand in Squarey's way of reaching the other side of the world - help him out!

This game has tight levels and each one only gets progressively more difficult. Show us your skills by completing over 20 difficult levels and a wide variety of areas and level design! You only get one life per run, and need to make sure that you get as far as you can!


Over 20 levels of insane platforming.

Fair and balanced difficulty curve.

Minimalistic and easy-to-look-at artstyle.

Day to night background transitions as you complete levels.

Free soundtrack download!


Like the FB Page to get updates and secret screenshots, passwords and more! New Games will also be updated there too!

The soundtrack comes with the game for free, so please enjoy that too.


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Original Soundtrack - MP3 16 MB